Different Types Of CCTV Cameras

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CCTV Security Camera

Dome CCTV Cameras: Dome security cameras are named due to its shape not quality. Dome shaped cctv cameras are for indoor use in which camera mix with interior and look nice. dome cameras not hidden cameras or spy cameras. Both HD cameras and IP cameras can be dome shaped. Dome cctv cameras have same video quality and life as bullet camera.

Bullet CCTV Cameras: Bullet security cameras are bullet shapes used for outdoor. Bullet cameras are waterproof and weatherproof can also covered with cctv housing to look more good and which protect against dust, dirt, rain, hail and other harmful elements. Both HD cameras and IP cameras can be bullet shaped. Bullet cctv cameras have same video quality and life as dome camera.

Night Vision/Infrared CCTV Cameras: IR Security cameras are also known as night vision cameras because they have inbuilt leds to record video in dark night. The video will be black and white.

Network/IP CCTV Cameras: IP Security cameras come in both dome and bullet shaped works in TCP/IP technolgy. IP Cameras comes with high quality for long distance video transmission.

Wireless Cameras: Wireless CCTV Cameras are those in which no wire is required to connect wireless IP cameras with NVR. But you want to watch online on mobile then you need to connect your NVR with internet. Not all wireless cameras are IP cameras some work on different technolgy. If you do not want cctv cabling in your location go with wireless cctv camera setup.

Verifocal CCTV Cameras: Verifocal security cameras are with zooming technology in which you can zoom in and zoom out without losing focus on image.

PTZ CCTV Camera: Also known as speed dome cameras, used to cover long distances, you can control the movement of PTZ security camera with DVR or NVR and also zoom in and zoom out.

SPY/Hidden Cameras: SPY cameras can be installed in Shirt button, pen, watches and hidden cameras can be installed anywhere in inetrior like painting or wall clock.

Fish Eye Camera: 360 degree camera, Fish eye cctv cameras are installed in ceiling and covers complete room in 360 view.

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