Hire Standard Desktops

standard configurations are available for general purpose business use. pentium IV, dual core desktops.

Old Computers Rental Servies

We also provides old computers on rent in good working conditions to keep low budget requests priority.

Pentium IV Processor Computer On Lease

pentium IV processor desktops are very old but good to use for basic general purpose documentations.

Core i3 Processor Computer On Rent

Core i3 desktops on rent are little expensive but full fill all kind of business performance needs.

Hire Branded Desktops

hire brand new desktops and computers at reasonable prices in good configurations like core2duo, i3, i5 processors.

New Computers Rental Services

Buy or hire new desktops in high configurations and modern look at affordable prices.

Dual Core Processor Computer On Lease

Dual core desktops are most popular and with very high performance in business use and personal use.

Core i5 Processor Computer On Rent

Core i5 desktops are very high performance machines and used for heavy software like graphics etc.

Hire Customized Desktops

you can suggest your own configuration for your business use and we will assemble it for you quickly at best prices.

Assembled Computers Rental Services

we assemble your required configuration manually for processor, storage space and performance memory.

Core 2 Duo Processor Computer On Lease

Core 2 duo is more advanced technology over dual core with much better performance.

Core i7 Processor Computer On Rent

Core i7 is the best category desktops in all in one performance for high graphics and handling load of software.

Who We Are

SCIT with large team of skilled computer rental service providers in Gurgaon and PAN India is dedicated to handle small and large computer rental projects, computer rental tenders for schools, corporate and factories. We have professional computer rental team to understand to customer requirements and deliver them customized and affordable solutions.

One of the fastest growing network of computer rental solution providers in Gurgaon with PAN India support. Registered under MSME with ministry of corporate affairs.

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QUALITY: We deals in high quality and branded desktops for rent because performance is most important for running a successful business. We provide desktop on rent as you need and customize components that are useful or extra and all components are of high quality. Call us for high quality desktop on rent in Gurgaon at low cost.

QUANTITY: MIT delivers all quantity of computer on rent in Gurgaon and in short time period. We can fulfil all bulk demands for computer on rent on a defined timeline or earlier. customer need and satisfaction is our first motto. As a leading computer dealer in Gurgaon we supply bulk quantities of branded and customized desktop on rent in Gurgaon at appropriate time.

NEW | BRANDED :MIT deals in all kind of branded desktop for sale and rent in Gurgaon according customer choice. MIT provide you any branded desktop on rent in Gurgaon asked or suggested by customer. A good comparison and analysis of desktops for rent to measure their performance and price. Our prices are lowest in comparison to others and prices can be compromised with quality.

OLD | USED :A wide range of old and used computer on rent is available at MIT with affordable prices and easy agreement conditions. sometimes old computers enough for some businesses and it saves your money. so call us for all type of requirements related to computer on rent in Gurgaon and we are dedicated to complete your needs.

Security Control IT Solution (SCIT) a leading computer dealer in Gurgaon offers all kind of computer rental services in Gurgaon, computer on rent, pc on rent, desktop on rent, used computer on rent and customized computers according user needs. Our computers on rent services is the most affordable and high quality in Gurgaon. We can supply in bulk for all kind of businesses, schools, colleges, corporates, institutes etc. cheapest computer on rent in Gurgaon are available here, and computers can be customized according customer requirements. Our polices for computer on rent in Gurgaon are simple and transparent to suit customer budget. We deliver all kind of computer on rent in Gurgaon and nearby zone at affordable costs.

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